In compliance with the provisions of Law 34/ 2002 of July 11 on Information Society and E-commerce Services, Marqués de Murrieta, S.A., makes the following information available:

Company Name: Marqués de Murrieta, S.A.

Registered Address: Paseo de la Castellana 126 4º derecha, 28046 Madrid

Tax Identification Number: A28681393

Tel.: 91 7824400


Registry information: Inscribed in the Commercial Register of Madrid, book 27820, page 81, section 8, sheet M 501359 16/02/2004

Terms and Conditions of Access

Accessing the portal www.marquesdemurrieta.comimplies the acceptance of the general and particular terms and conditions contained on the website. Therefore, we advise all users to read the terms and conditions provided below as well as the confidentiality policy to which the website is subject prior to browsing this page. Should you have any questions, contact us at to provide you with information regarding any of the clauses found on this website.

We also inform you that the Marqués de Murrieta portal is free of charge and at no time is a prior subscription or registration required.

Use of the Page

The user agrees under these general terms and conditions to use the portal in accordance with the law, moral decency, public order and generally accepted proper conduct. You shall refrain from using this page for the purpose of damaging or violating the image of Marqués de Murrieta, S.A. on the market or from damaging the image of any of its associated companies and the people forming the Group.

The user shall also refrain from performing any type of act that may damage or prevent the normal operation of the portal, the services offered, computer equipment, databases owned by Marqués de Murrieta, S.A. or databases belonging to their legitimate owners, contained or stored in any of the different areas of the website


Marqués de Murrieta, S.A. shall not be held liable in any case and without exception for any damage of any kind that the user may sustain due to the operation of the portal, to the limit established by law. Nor shall it be held liable for damages that the user may sustain as a result of being rerouted from the web page to any of the companies of the Marqués de Murrieta Group or any third party companies.

The user shall be liable for damages of any kind occurring as a result of directly or indirectly violating the general terms and conditions provided in this legal notice, as well as any particular terms and conditions which, where appropriate, complement or develop these general terms and conditions.

Marqués de Murrieta, S.A. reserves the right to modify at any time and without prior notice the contents of the page as well as the configuration of the portal, being able to limit, suspend or prevent access either completely or partially at its discretion.

Nor shall Marqués de Murrieta, S.A. be held liable for any damage caused to the user’s computer hardware or software as a result of accessing the portal, as it does not guarantee that its files, systems, etc., are virus-free.

Commercial Communications

In compliance with the Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13th of Protection of Personal Data and its development regulation, we inform you that your personal data collected through forms contained in this web or through email will be incorporated to an automatic data file  under the responsibility of Marqués de Murrieta, S.A. The personal data registration supposes the permission to Marqués de Murrieta, S.A. to use them to gather the information needed to give an answer or send you information about special offers and other announcements regarding any of the products of Marqués de Murrieta, S.A. that could be of your interest through any media, included the electronic, in compliance with the Law 34/2002 of July 11th of information society services and of electronic commerce.

At any time, users can exercise their rights to access, rectification, cancellation and revoke their authorization without retroactive effects in the terms contained in the Organic Law 15/1999 of Protection of Personal Data in accordance with legally established prodecures. These rights may be exercised by writing an email to

Marqués de Murrieta, S.A. acknowledges that the privacy of any personal information provided by its users is very important for its customers. If any user receives any commercial communication via e-mail without having requested it, please contact us at the following addresses to prevent this situation from repeating:

Marqués de Murrieta, S.A.

Paseo de la Castellana 126 4º Derecha 28046 Madrid- España


Marqués de Murrieta, S.A. is particularly sensitive to possible links that may be made between its web page and third party web pages.

Users, either natural or legal persons, who intend to make or make a hyperlink from a web page of another Internet portal to the Marqués de Murrieta, S.A. web portal must submit to the following terms and conditions regarding web links:

Request express, reasoned and written authorization from: Marqués de Murrieta, S.A Paseo de la Castellana 126 4º Derecha 28046 Madrid- España

Or at Failure to receive a response to the request must not be considered an apparent authorization to create the link. Marqués de Murrieta, S.A. may refuse the request at its discretion and shall not be required to give a reason for such refusal.

In the event that Marqués de Murrieta, S.A. authorizes the possibility of creating a link from a third party web page, this link will always be to the Home page (simple link) and never to any of the specific sections of the portal (deep link).

The user must communicate any change made to his portal content to Marqués de Murrieta, S.A., who reserves the possibility of refusing the previously granted authorization without being required to provide any reason for doing so.

No false, inaccurate or incorrect statements can be made next to the link that may lead to error as to the portal contents, or which violate the law, moral decency, public order or generally accepted proper conduct, and which may damage the image on the virtual market of Marqués de Murrieta, S.A., its companies or customers, or the image of any third party having a relationship with Marqués de Murrieta.

Data Protection

Marqués de Murrieta, S.A. guarantees to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that you can review HERE

Industrial and Intellectual Property

All the contents, images, photographs, designs, logotypes and labels are the property of Marqués de Murrieta, S.A. or of the legitimate holders thereof having express authorization for use on the portal homepage.

All the texts, photographs, graphs, videos or media are the property of Marqués de Murrieta, S.A., or of its content providers, and the subsequent modification, copying, alteration, reproduction, adaptation or translation thereof by the user or third parties is prohibited without the express authorization of the holders of said contents.

Any user who wishes to use any graph, image, photograph, marks or labels must request express written authorization from Marqués de Murrieta. S.A., and failure to receive a response must not be considered an apparent authorization.

The marks or logos appearing on the Portal belong to Marqués de Murrieta, S.A. and are duly registered or in the process of registration. The reproduction or use thereof without the prior written authorization of Marqués de Murrieta, S.A. is therefore prohibited.

Use of or access to the page does not confer any right to the user over the distinctive signs shown on the homepage.

Applicable Jurisdiction and Law

The general terms and conditions laid out in the corresponding legal notice shall be subject to Spanish Jurisdiction, and the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid shall be authorized to settle any dispute that may result from these terms and conditions.